Franquemont is passionate about preserving the global heritage of textile design for classic and contemporary homes. 

Historic motifs and traditional crafts from around the world serve as an endless source of inspiration from the revolutionary Batik designs of our namesake Carolina Josephina von Franquemont to classical 17th century Dutch textiles. Reinventing these designs for today's interiors, we embrace the stories of the past and the possibilities of the future. 

Each of our pieces have been through a journey of relentless research and experimentation before design and production even begin. All of our designs have been hand-painted and drawn to create truly distinctive fabrics.

Honouring a rich heritage of craftsmanship, our fabrics are printed in England and woven at the finest mills in Europe. Our mission is to create artisanal pieces with the same enduring style and quality as the heirloom textiles we celebrate. 

Inspired by the pioneers of the past we champion the unexpected and unconventional.

Every home has a story to tell and we believe yours should be an extraordinary one.

meet the founder

Svetlana Willems

Franquemont was founded by Svetlana Willems. She had always been drawn to fabrics and would spend time sourcing local patterns and prints during her travels. Her passion grew during the renovation of her canal house in Amsterdam; she would spend hours looking for exquisite fabrics and became fascinated by the stories behind them. When she came across a piece of batik fabric so beautiful, she decided to pivot careers and set up her own interior fabrics brand.

After pursuing a corporate career for nearly ten years at Dutch multinational Philips and having lived in London, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam, she took a textile design course at Central Saint Martins and launched Franquemont in 2023 with a mission to celebrate the world's historic textile designs, reinventing them for today's homes.

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